Spring/Early Summer 2011

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in my front yard


also in my front yard

love dogwoods

not sure if this is a passion flower or not - but it's pretty fascinating.

I love these - don't know what they're called - and they look amazing even without the blooms.

love the way lupins catch the raindrops


Snowy Moment

December 2, 2010 - Leave a Response

snow on dusty

bare embrace

ornamental figs
  • snowy bush

    frosty hangings

    garnet snow shrub

    reaching out

    branching out

    iris snowed

    snowy Madrona

    petal freeze
  • black on white

    Olympia Mushrooms

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    amanita family

    amanita boll



    fairy umbrellas

    a place to land

    autumn around town

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    autumn reflections




    petals fall

    piles of yellow

    autumnal translucence

    rain petals

    walking in the rain


    dewy web on autumn dogwood

    Since Then…

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    wow…long time no upload…

    got a new camera, traveled back east, came back, and here’s a few snaps from late summer:

    Olympic mountains ahead

    late stages of fireweed?


    Himalayan Honeysuckle beads

    I love the little drops of rain hanging onto the stamens


    Heron in Budd Inlet

    Dew Drop Inn

    dinner time

    garden on Puget

    if only you could smell this spicy little lantana -

    Licorice Fern at Tumwater Falls

    I believe this is JewelWeed, antidote for Poison Ivy

    Tumwater downstream; Salmon struggling up those falls, ending beginning cycles.

    spring heralds

    March 21, 2010 - 2 Responses

    hanging on the cattails

    go here for the sound of the redwing blackbird (and better pictures!)


    pink rhodies

    azaleas in the evening sun

    pacific northwest native

    another pacific northwest native

    my new camera phone really sucks, and just doesn’t do the job the way my old one did – oh I miss it!  so many pics of groves of these blossoms came out blurry or not focused on all planes.  For some good photos of spring things go back to last year’s posts.  what a difference a camera makes!  I’m shopping around…

    daffs in pots

    daffs in moss

    in my front yard

    those spring colours!

    soft tufts of ? what did we name these?

    the town is full of these blossoms right now

    pale pink blossoms

    pink buds with blossoms

    these beauties are everywhere too

    white star magnolia close-up

    star magnolia against the sky

    one of those trees I photograph across the seasons

    february chirpings

    February 23, 2010 - Leave a Response

    pink chirps

    any minute now...

    dripping spring


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    very very sadly, the screen on my previously trusty little cell phone has gone black.  I therefore had to get a new cellphone.  Though both are by sony ericsson, I have to say the camera quality is altogether not the same.  Most particularly, this camera is much less steady, and most pics come out blurry. Another frustrating difference is that before, I could hold my camera up close to a flower and get a wonderful shot of it.  This camera seems not to focus on the closest field but the one just behind.  That combined with insta blur issues is wreaking havoc with my fun filled photo life, and affecting my little blog.

    You might say: why don’t you get a real camera?  money, for one.  For two: I like the portability and immediacy and simplicity of a good camera in my phone – only one gadget to carry.

    alas…phone companies and manufacturers being what they are…I’ll do my best.

    february flowers

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    not open yet

    early signs

    budding blossoms

    red buds at twilight, spring lovers delight

    Indian plum blossoms come right after snowdrops

    beginning blossoms silhouette

    for Spring:

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    if the link doesn’t work, go to victorials.wordpress.com and find “for spring”.